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An enum is a set of named values. An enum can be assigned any expression and thus allows for a lot of power. An enum (by default) uses auto incremented integers as values. Enums are a constant data structure and can not be assigned to. Enums are scoped, see scoping for more information.


Creating an enum is as simple as providing the enum keyword and an identifier followed by curly braces.

enum Colors {

This creates an enum named Colors and is constant. Accessing values is simple and can be done as follows.

Colors.Red    // 0
Colors.Green  // 1
Colors.Blue   // 2

Expressive Values

An enum allows in addition to primitive values, any expression as it's value. The key is always required to be a valid identifier (starts with a character or underscore and followed by alphanumerics). An example with car manufacturers could be the name of the manufacturer and an array of vehicles that they've produced.

enum Cars {
   Volkswagen = ["Fox", "ID3", "Golf"]
   Audi = ["E-Tron", "Q5"]

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